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I saved more than $900 on my AC repair.

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Another shop wanted to charge me almost $3500. The Car Savior figured out it just needed an oil change.
Never going anywhere else again.

Joshua K.

Chevy Cobalt


I'm very protective of my car. I wouldn't trust it with anyone else.
You couldn't find anyone more honest.

Dhruv H.

1968 Ford Mustang

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No matter the issue.

    Warning Light Problems
    Lower than normal MPG
    Brake Caliper Replacement
    Brake Pad Replacement
    Brake Rotor Replacement
    Parking Brake Pad Replacement
    Squeaky Brakes
    Grinding Brakes
    General Engine Repairs
    Master Cylinder Replacement
    Broken Starter Motor
    Water Pump Replacement
    Overheating Car
    Battery Replacement
    Alternator Failure
    Slipping Transmission
    Traction Control Diagnosis
    ABS Light Issues
    Shaking Steering Wheel...And Many More!