Increase your sales 20%.
No upfront costs.
Five minute setup. Zero risk.

Get a free website for your car repair business, managed by professionals, guaranteed to get you more customers.

Get More Out Of Your Reviews

Millions of people are searching for car repair online. 50% of customers visit your website before calling or visiting your shop. Having an easy to use website can covert more of those customers.

Get 3 to 5 more customers per week

A mechanic with 50 reviews can expect 3 to 5 more customers per week.

Capture more of your quoted business

Automatically follows up with customers making them more likely to book and show up.

Get more positive online reviews

When customers book, we automatically send them a text message encouraging them to leave you a good review.

Zero risk

Free unless it generates you business.

Optimized by experts

Our marketing experts will constantly work to drive more traffic through your website and get more customers to book.

Free up your time

Too many customers calling on July 3rd looking to get work done before a road trip? Direct them to your website and let them get a quote automatically.

Our Mechanics Are Getting More Business!

100's of repair shops benefitting.

I save so much time. Trying to return every call for a quote was exhausting. My customers are happier. I spent more time making money.

Ryan - Austin

Our Mechanics Are Getting More Business!

100's of repair shops benefitting.

I really appreciate the extra business. It was a lot easier than trying to maintain this myself.

Bryce - Houston

Our Mechanics Are Getting More Business!

100's of repair shops benefitting.

It really does works. Whenever I'm busy, I tell my customers to use the website.... and they just book... It really helps that they see when I'm busy and when I'm free.

Bryant - Dallas

How the Car Savior works

Want to sign up with The Car Savior?


The Car Savior charges a commission on all business booked through your website – not including business booked by calling you. Our commission is 9% after credit card fees. You will likely see an increase in phone calls free of charge.

Why a commission? We feel incentivizing us to get you the most business is the best way to charge. If you’d prefer a monthly fee, contact The Car Savior for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Basic business name, location, and contact information.
    Your pricing, such as your hourly rate and parts markup. This information is treated as highly confidential and will never be told to a customer. We need this to generate quotes for you.
    Tell us a bit about yourself. The more you tell us, the more appealing we can make the website to customers.
Here's an example website:

When a customer fills out the information, they'll get a quote back that look like this:

You supply The Car Savior with basic information about how you like to build quotes. For example:

Hourly rate for repair “book time”

Any standard additions to the hourly rate. For example, some mechanics always add 1/2 hour to Alldata’s labor estimates.

Parts Markup

Minimum bid (for example, a mobile mechanic will not drive to the customer to replace a light bulb).

What you charge for basic regular maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, etc.

Using "book" hours from Motor and AllData and parts pricing from locally available parts, we calculate your bids.

Our diagnoses are correct 85% of the time. That's certinaly not 100% or perfect. In those cases, you can get the customer the right quote when they're onsite.