Brick and mortar shops have high overhead. When a job is booked, the mechanic actually working on your car is generally paid 25% or less of the net proceeds from your repair. When a mechanic comes to your house, they’re getting a much high percentage. Often, the mobile mechanics will split the difference. The mechanic makes more money, the customer saves money. Everybody wins!

Amazingly accurate!

In most cases, it’s more accurate than your average mechanic. The Car Savior experts spent thousands of hours sweating every detail and every question for an enormous number of issues. The end result is an algorithm that will actually out diagnose the people who wrote it (mostly because it’s hard to remember thousands of questions)! It isn’t unusual for us to hear: “it’s amazing you figured that out, I left my car at the dealer for 4 days. They couldn’t even figure it out by driving it!”

Of course, the app isn’t perfect. Sometimes it’s wrong. That’s why we put in safeguards to make sure your car is correctly serviced, including having the mechanic inspect the car once onsite.

We have several ways of making sure our platform only employs top rated mechanics:

  1. We use ASE certified mechanics. ASE certification is the golden standard for certification in the industry.
  2. We’re a car company founded by car people. We know how to tell our kind! To make extra sure, we thoroughly vet each mechanic. We accompany them on several repairs, test them for their knowledge, and make sure they have good reviews.

People assume that today’s cars are so complicated that only the dealer understands them and only the dealer can interface with the car’s electronics.

The fact is that the electronic interfaces are mostly standardized between vehicles made after 1996 (because of emissions laws). While the electronic interfaces used to cost $15,000+ ten years ago, the modern smart phone caused the price to plummet. Now a smart phone and $30 worth of tools is enough to diagnose almost any issue.

Of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes, you need more than the $30 widget. These issues are easy to spot by the symptoms they display. Once identified, these repairs are automatically forwarded to mechanics with more extensive tools or expertise with the particular issue. Most of the time, this is a specialty shop the Car Savior has found to be the best at repairing this type of issue – often better than the dealer.

However sometimes, we will recommend the car to dealer. Rest assure that when a car needs to go the dealer, we will let you know. For everything else, you can enjoy 50% or even 80% off!

Once a repair is finished, the Car Savior will make it right if the repaired part fails within 12 months or 12,000 miles. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions Agreement.

If you know you can’t make the appointment, give us a call and we will get it rescheduled!

You can reschedule the appointment up to three times within 14 days of the original appointment. However, if you don’t show up or can’t make it, we charge a $25 fee for appointments with mobile mechanics. We do this to cover the cost of the mechanic’s time and to cover return shipping for parts.