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Our Story

Mechanics should be honest and repairs should be fast.
At least, that's what I believe. It all started with a little issue with my mom's old Audi A6. Seemed like a quick fix. But when we took the car to a local dealership, they filled the quote with unnecessary repairs, unreasonable charges, and even an incorrect diagnosis. I decided enough is enough and took matters into my own hands. With a little research, I figured out the issue and found a mobile mechanic to fix up the car for only $400. Compare that to the $4,500 that the dealer was asking for.

Many years have passed and I still find myself advising friends, neighbors, and even strangers about car repairs. Then it hit me. Diagnosing cars is simpler than people think. What if there was a way to get simple honest answers about your car issues?

Welcome to the Car Savior. We believe that mechanics should be honest, repairs should be fast, and we're here to help you get it done.

- Christiaan Best

Our Founders

Christiaan Best

Founder, Automotive Engineer, Process Design

Hayden Luckadoo

Co-Founder, Mathematician, Programmer