Ready To Sign Up? Here's What We Need:

We view mechanics that take part in our platform as a partner. We believe we provide a valuable service for both mechanics and users. Here’s what we ask of you:
    First and foremost, provide good service. Nothing is more important than a happy customer for both you and The Car Savior.

    All of us are human, and we all have limitations. We want mechanics we work with to only take the jobs they know they can handle. For example, don’t try to work on a Mercedes Benz Airbag when you don’t have the code reader – or try to pull an engine in someone’s front yard.

    We are bringing you business and in return we expect you to treat our business fairly. Please don’t encourage end users to go around us or recommend a different platform.

    Understand that we want you, not someone else to fill in for you. We work hard to make sure we only have the cream of the crop.