Frequently Asked Questions

We view mechanics that take part in our platform as a partner. We believe we provide a valuable service for both mechanics and users. Here’s what we ask of you:
    First and foremost, provide good service. Nothing is more important than a happy customer for both you and The Car Savior.
    All of us are human, and we all have limitations. We want mechanics we work with to only take the jobs they know they can handle. For example, don’t try to work on a Mercedes Benz Airbag when you don’t have the code reader – or try to pull an engine in someone’s front yard.
    We are bringing you business and in return we expect you to treat our business fairly. Please don’t encourage end users to go around us or recommend a different platform.
    Understand that we want you, not someone else to fill in for you. We work hard to make sure we only have the cream of the crop.
We market our services to young professionals, looking to make their car repair convenient. We’ve also partnered with some very large firms with thousands of high mileage drivers, so we have a steady stream of business ready and waiting for you.

You supply The Car Savior with basic information about how you like to build quotes. For example:

Hourly rate for repair “book time”

Any standard additions to the hourly rate. For example, some mechanics always add 1/2 hour to Alldata’s labor estimates.

Parts Markup

Minimum bid (for example, a mobile mechanic will not drive to the customer to replace a light bulb).

What you charge for basic regular maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, etc.

Using "book" hours from Motor and AllData and parts pricing from locally available parts, we calculate your bids.

We markup the rates you give us. For example if you tell us the repair costs $100, we charge the customer $116. You make 100% of your profits! There are no subscription fees.

Our diagnoses are correct 85% of the time. That's certinaly not 100% or perfect. In those cases, we'll work together to get the right quote to our customer.